That you are • तत् त्वम् असि (Tat-tvam-asi); That I am • सो ऽहम् (So-aham); Welcome to my homepage: sudeshkumar.com

As an Author, I consider myself a stained glass window and this is how I live my life. Closing no doors and covering no windows. Being an entrepreneur, I also wanted to have a social space where I could connect with like minded people about the things I’m most passionate about.


I’m especially excited to share about things that matter most in our life, like ways to become the best versions of ourselves. I seek to empower others to become the change-maker they are capable of being and to create new futures in their locality.


This labour of love is my way of swinging the door open for you to join me. I am lucky to be around large no. of experienced professionals since, the starting up of my first venture ‘the organization of zealous geeks’ in 2006 at London!



IN-PERSON, I am very intuitive, creative, sensitive, peace loving and kind to others; Love luxury and prefer to sacrifice my likes for other’s demands; A dreamer and owner of vivid imagination; Not egoistic, get along with crowd and well trained to hide anger;

I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and sharing some of my favourite things here. My greatest passion is promoting freedom and kindness. Hopefully we can all spread enough positive energy and good will to make a difference in the world!



PTPS High School
St. Columba’s College
UEA, LSE, Cambridge
Catholic University – DC


Start-up story


  • Ozg Law
  • Ozg Finance
  • Ozg Technology


Ford Fellow