First Night in Hindu Marriage

As the sexual act being strenuous exercise, to compensate the energy lost, fruits are usually provided in the room. Also as the act created the heat in the body due to lot of friction, milk is provided to the both to cool the body; that is one of reasons for asking both the couple to take oil bath on the next day to cool the body. Now that having gone through the reason for such arrangements in the room, now we will see the important points for the couple to deal with in their mutual interactions during the night. 

At the outset, it is pertinent for the both to have the idea of difference in perspective of sex and physiological differences between man and woman. Afterwards they can exchange their ideas; however starting exploring each other’s personal values, concept and perspective of sex, and pleasure giving spots can better be postponed to honeymoon. Anyhow, general exploration during the sexual interaction is a must in the first night. The following points should always be kept in their mind in their attitude during their first-night:-  

Now coming to the approach in the first night, first of all, the first night should never be taken as an opportunity to fulfil the long suppressed desires, rather it is an introductory session for sex in marriage and it is very important to create the impression of compatibility. Marriage is adjustment of complementary for mutuality and sex is enjoyment of complementary for mutuality. The approach of the groom, in the first night should be gentle with patience. Usually the man’s approach in sex is of exploration, adventurous and peeling off. Every move of man in the first night should be with her direct or indirect, consent at the same time making her also to involve in the enjoyment. As far the bride is concerned, her approach should be of opening up, adjustability for his moves and co-operating for his actions; however his accessibility to hers should not be easier and at the end of the process, winning is his satisfaction and giving in is her enjoyment; in this particular aspect the relationship between them will be of hunter and hunted. The prevailing emotions during the night will usually be anxiety and tension, and craving passion and surging urge. Physiology, psychology and sociology are the three main contributing subjects in sex; physiologically the physical alertness, psychologically the perception of difference in gender and sociologically the unusualness will be at peak in the first night and these three can be fully made use of for sexual enjoyment. However these three will be developed and improved for total satisfaction and satiation during honeymoon and thereafter. Even though the total mutual sexual interaction of the both may, or may not, prevail during the first night, every sexual action should be enjoyable to the both. In the first night, each partner, through sex, should impress the security of care in the mind of the other and this will evolve the major success of first night. Both should fully make use of all the five senses, with concentration and perception of difference in gender, and enjoy the feelings being sexual. Perception of difference in gender and concentration on sexual feelings are the important chapters to be learnt in the first night.

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