Feb: The Month of Love, Valentine and My Birthday!

Welcome to Feb: The Month of #Love, #Valentine and #MyBirthday!

For many people, saying, “#ILoveYou”, having semi-regular #Sex, giving the occasional #Gifts or going out for #Dinner and attending #familygatherings etc. on special occasions are believed to be a sufficient enough #ExpressionofLove to sustain a relationship.

By #Nature, you #SeekforLove, even #Lust after it, or simply lust after sex, all the while forgetting the ‘#PowerofLove‘ within yourself. When every pore of your being transcends lust into ‘#UnconditionalLove, you are awakened.

The #TrueLove and #Life is a completely different state than how most people were taught to be in a #Relationship with #Innerself and their partner.

How do you get this state?

You must be willing to have resolved your past and free from the #Perception of who you believe yourself needed to be, which is easily accepted by others. This requires you to free yourself from what has happened in your life after your #Naivety was stripped away from society and your culture.

Look at what you learned from your #Parents, #School (nowdays, better say it #SocialMedia), and how you reacted to both the good and bad times in your life. If this is too difficult consider what the alternative is.

When you avoid going deep into #Programming and #Conditioning about love, life and your sense of #SelfWorth, you will remain lost in the #Matrix and not present to what is.

#LifeisBeautiful and so are you. When you give yourself permission to stay out of influence of sizeable #EconomicSlavery and unwind yourself from routine life is awakened to what love, life and bliss really is.

Sudesh Kumar


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