The story of a young talented suicide bomber

Recent bombing at Indian Cities once again drew the attention of everyone at unsuspecting terror jihadists, which are used by those in power to spread terror. As we know, everything not happens in one day. It is a long story of repercussions of everything, which are killing peace of everyone. Dr Aamir Ali (Screen Name) is one such unsuspecting Muslim who is dragged into the convolution of terror jihadists. His only crime is that he was born in a Muslim family. To pay the price of this, so called jihadists are asked him to sacrifice his life and labelled himself as a suicide bomber in order to save his entire family. In a short bollywood movie AAMIR (leader) – the story start from above mentioned Dr Aamir Ali, who is a London returned young medical practitioner. He dragged to the by lanes of Mumbai, where he is given a taste of acute poverty of Muslim dominated suburbs. I find in movie the truth dawns on Dr Aamir since, the jihadi terror network track him right from the time he exits the Mumbai International Airport . Then, he forced to follow orders on phone and sent from one destination to another as his entire movements are tracked, until he completed the final delivery of the red bag (in which time bomb is implanted) at Andheri station. You may get Aamir (2008) DVD from any Bollywood outlets.


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