Jharia Coalfield Photography

jharia coalfield fire - sudesh kumar             Laltenganj – An open cast mines in Jharia Coalfield Fire Affected Zone


jharia coalfield fire


This is an open cast mine at Jharia Coalfield, locally known as Bokapahari (Fool’s Hill) village, that is the corner of hell on earth. It is located over subsurface coal fires (as you can see in pictures at this page) and more than 100s families make a living here by gathering and selling coal. 



The BCCL is trying to relocate local coal-scavenger families to new township known as Belgadhia, but some of the residents have reported corruption in allotment of new flats. When I visited them in early 2016 to find out the inside-story, some residents told me – allotment officials are asking bribe of 25,000 INR for one room flat and they can’t really afford it to bribe them. They also complaint that, many residents got multiple flats on the name of their family members.




An open cast mine locally known as Bokapahari (Fool’s Hill) in Jharia Coalfield



Belgadhia Township, Jharia Coalfield


Belgadhia township is planned by BCCL for coal-scavenger families located coalfield fire affected areas in Jharia. There are more than 2200 one room flats allotted to 1200 families by early 2016 and more are under-construction.

Social Campaign Advert by CSR projects – NGO of BCCL at Jharia Township


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