Vegan Activism – Sudesh Kumar

I have been actively involved in nonprofit sector since, last two decades. I started this journey as a volunteer trainer at the age of 16 and later went on to be associated with many global and local Nonprofit organizations dealing with several projects. We are mainly focused to following areas –

In 2003, after winning the biggest award on ‘leadership for social justice’ of Ford Foundation, New York. I started Sudesh Kumar Foundation in 2006 at Norwich, to specially work for few thematic areas of interest viz. grassroots empowerment through technology enabled solutions and campaigns for economic security and veganism etc.

i m here to change

My aim as a social entrepreneur with an innate cultural understanding and acumen for change is to spread message to the world “Giving every human (including animals) to their rights to live with freedom and dignity, does not diminish your own in any way!” For a society to be truly progressive, we need to embrace everyone as ‘one’, not categorize (or scheduling by law) people into first, second, third, fourth class citizens based on their economic status, race, religion, sex and gender identity.

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  1. The Positive Think Tank

  2. The Global Campaign to Stop Animal Sacrifice

  3. Ban Roadside Butcher Shops

  4. Adivasi – Tribal India Group

  5. Jharia Coalfields Fire Zone Research

  6. The Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation