Vegan Film Maker

The film industry is a $36.4 billion global market. Despite this fact, amidst a thriving industry, approximately 90% of all movies produced fail to make profit. This shocking figure can sometimes be a result of creative accounting strategies employed by large production house looking to mitigate corporate taxation. However, for the independent filmmaker, there is often a sound, realistic explanation for this phenomenon.


Simply put, films are the dreams of the creative and can often be subject to losses due to poor business planning. So, while there is a known formula for avoiding film-failure, it is this lack of financial acumen and near-sighted focus on only the creative side of the film which drives that statistic. This has generated a need-driven demand for film finance experts to provide financial support and diligence to the independent film market.


Film Finance for Production House

As we are aware that, most of producers have limited resources to access to the required financial on time. And, the problem with traditional financial institutions specializing in the film business is that they have constrictive requirements, higher minimums, and take longer time to close a financing. To check this Skf is focusing exclusively on developing long-term business and corporate financial strategies for production companies. We provide producers with one-stop-solutions for film financing, corporate structuring and business services – primarily for lower to mid-budget film productions.

Financial Services:

  • Production Finance
  • Tax Advisory
  • Prints, Promotion & Advertising Finance
  • Finishing (Post Production) Funds

Talent Promotion:

  • Audition and Talent Packaging
  • Business Plans, Strategy and Profit Analysis

By treating your project like our own, we become a part of your team. We work with you to ensure your production is done, on time and on budget and streamlined for efficiency to ensure a successful film production, each and every time.

On the nonprofit sector, Sudesh K. Foundation helps to raise capital to fund independent documentary film productions and film makers to highlight the certain burning issues.